My passion is for helping people discover their ability to adapt and thrive in a happy healthy lifestyle. It all stems back to my past experiences, both positive and negative, with coaches, teachers, mentors and peers. I have adopted a mindset that everyone has a unique way to reach his or her goal. I have worked, witnessed, and learned from experiences in one-on-one and group training, sports performance centers, youth programs, and corporate settings. I have observed coaches limiting themselves from being in one situation for too long. A mentality of


keeps me looking for more ways to improve my ability to help people. If you want to see me on Instagram lifting heavy barbells and eating all the food follow me below.


I'm Meaghan and I'm a physical therapist in Connecticut. I am originally from outside of Albany, New York, but graduated from the University of Hartford with my Doctorate and I guess I never wanted leave #CTwhoknew. I have a passion for exercise, fitness, and rehabilitation. I love challenging patients and giving advice and guidance whenever I can. I strive to live a life full of laughter, love, integrity and always some good food and wine. I truly love to see the best in people and am humbled to be apart of anyone's health journey.