Why We Do It

#teamAF is made up of Meaghan and Trevor Brunelle. Meaghan, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and Trevor a trainer with 10+ years in the industry have the ability to provide a fully encompassing program. The goal at Anchored is to create a family environment where our members can get strong, healthy and feel good while enjoying the process! As a team we believe that clinicians and trainers should be able to seamlessly communicate to provide the ideal experience for those striving to become their best self. Within our walls we have the ability to bridge that gap and create an optimal environment for healthy fitness progression.

The Sessions

  • Large group strenth and conditioning workouts that are 50 minutes long
  • Two kinds of workouts that alternate day to day: strength and conditioning
  • Our philosophy on building strength and conditioning is: simple works! We use movements that are easy to master so that our clients can increase reps and/or load to drive progress
  • All workouts are full body but will rotate between specific movements taking the priority of the day
  • Each session starts with a complete warm up containing a mixture of mobility, activation, and movement specific drills
  • All workouts and movements are modifiable to match skill level and injuries